Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live

Apr 28 2011

I'm not a Hulu user, but I have to admit I'll be tempted to check out this free preview upcoming of this new integration of the XBox 360 Dashboard with Hulu Plus. Given how slick the Netflix application is, I have pretty high expectations. Will this make you spend the money though if you didn't already subscribe?


From April 29 to May 6 all Xbox Live members — even those without a Hulu Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership — will be able to access the service for free. Microsoft also is running a sweepstakes for those Xbox owners who download Hulu Plus to their Xbox 360.



I recently got sucked into watching 30 Rock on Netflix.  After going through the old seasons, I looked around and noticed that Hulu+ had the current season on it.  Hulu was also offering a free month of Hulu+ for anyone who signed up using IE9 so I went ahead set it up.  The PS3 interface (I'm assuming similar to the Xbox) was slick and worked really well.  The content on the other hand was lacking, or at least any content I liked wasn't there.  After watching all the episodes of this season's 30 Rock, I ended up terminating the 30-day trial only a few days into it.  I personally couldn't justify paying a monthly fee for it, between the limited content and commercials, I was turned off.

Hopefully the content isn't as limited on the Xbox as it is on the PS3. I just picked up a 360 a few days ago to use as an extender for WMC, so the timing is pretty sweet.

I'm pretty sure that the limitations will be the same on the Xbox as on the PS3. For me it seems that Hulu has either the rights to have a show on devices (consoles, TVs, iPhone etc.) or not. If they have, you can watch 'em everywehre, otherwise you're out of luck.

Personally I found that whatever was unavailable on the iPhone, it wasn't available on the PS3 either.

That is interesting. I knew Hulu+ had different licenses than Hulu, but if it is even different on each device, that's even more perplexing for consumers.

I think that all devices are equal. I found only differences between the web and the devices.

attilag78 wrote:

I think that all devices are equal. I found only differences between the web and the devices.

Yeah, it's subject to the same stupid limitations. Some episodes of a show are web-only, and sometimes, and often times it doesn't even have all of the most recent episodes of a show, even from the _current_ season.

The only complaint I can leverage on the Xbox 360 version of the Hulu Plus interface is the search is kinda messed up. If you use a USB keyboard or the chat pad in the search area, you can't backspace the text once you hit A to search. You have to back out ALL the way out of the search page, and then go back in.

I am excited. I now get Hulu+ on all my TV's now.....but my Roku is no longer very functional for me. I barely use it for anything other then Hulu or Netflix. My I need to start looking at more Amazon Prime streams and Podcasts....Or does anyone want to buy a Roku for cheap??

No CBS and it didn't integrated with my MS live gold account, thumbs down. 

I think you did something wrong with the gold account then. No CBS is a knock tho.

Hulu has a ways to go before it gets taken seriously, and its things they don't want to do/give up because these folk are just fools.

When I clicked the Hulu icon I was first taken to a 45MB download. Then it asked me to create an account. If it was truly a free trial I did not see a need to sign up for anything. I don't want some auto billing to kick in or start receiving "Please come back" emails. I might have tried the trial if it had been available in WMC and my other half could check it out. 

All I really want is basic Hulu.  I will watch the adds but paying for something that I can DVR for free doesn't work for me.

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