Weekly Podcast Roundup, June 11th 2010

Jun 11 2010

I'm sure you non-sports/soccer fans are going to be happy for this massive list of podcasts for the weekend and next week. Enjoy!

Contrast ratio, or the ratio of brightness between full white and full black on screen can be a very revealing number.  Since most sets can go full white, it really tells you how black a set can get.  Keep in mind that really good contrast ratios only matter if you’re watching very dark content, like you see in some movies.  Most TV viewing never gets into the full black range.  Contrast ratio can also be canceled out by the ambient light in the room.  No matter how dark the picture gets, it can always be washed out if you can’t control the light that doesn’t come from the screen.

There was actually quite a bit of Media Center related news this week and you’ll find all the links below.  I’d take time to spell it all out here but I’ve got a trip to take today and didn’t want to delay getting this out to our listeners.  We cover all the topics in the podcast so enjoy!

Returning to the show this week is Microsoft’s Mark Pendergrast talking about the inclusion of Windows Media Center into Windows Embedded Standard 7. Mark was involved with Windows Media Center and Windows Home server projects and he explains why Microsoft decided to include Media Center in Windows Embedded and what we may see OEMS do with the platform.


More podcasts available after the break.... 



That's right, with a full complement of EHD podcasters we kick things off with plenty of Apple talk, including the other Steve's comments on set-top boxes, and the debut of the iPhone 4. After that we take a look at Redbox's Blu-ray rates and what's going on with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Answers to your questions about 3-D TV, LED lit LCDs, OLED TVs, and more. Guest: Tom Norton, senior editor and video technical editor for HomeTheaterMag.com and UltimateAVMag.com

Is Hulu finally coming to the living room? How many hard drives does it take to contain your movie collection? Internet Traffic Will Quadruple in 4 Years, and the Blu-ray releases for June 8th, 2010.


More news leaked about the potential Hulu/Xbox 360 partnership that we’re expecting to be announced at E3 next week. This week’s news comes from Reuters, who has it on authority of two people very close to the situation that not only with Microsoft’s box get support, but that iPad support is right behind it.

Now that the iPad has shipped internationally, it is only right that we have our very own round table. For this panel we have two great guests: James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun, and David McCabe of the Home Server Show and the recently launched AddingApple.com. James and David join Sheldon and I as we discuss design, software, some of our favorite apps and plenty more.

Yes, no matter what you read up above or what you hear during the show, this is a Media Center show and we won’t be changing.  That said, GoogleTV did make the news this past week so we take some time to try and figure out what it’s all about.  Really, it’s more of a speculation/it’s awful/NO IT’S NOT type of deal but we do discuss it.

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