Hi-Tech Recliners

Apr 29 2010

I never paid much attention to recliners because they always reminded me of my father and grandfather (read:  old folks' furniture).  However, Berkline has integrated some impressive technology into their line of recliners, which my folks would never find a use for!  I could definitely see myself in one of these chairs, working from home with a laptop, listening to music, or watching a movie... all at the same time!  The price seems right in line with your typical, quality piece of furniture, but you're getting so much more.


The Concert Series recliners ($699), which were introduced last year, already had some technology built-in, including two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. This year, the recliners will also include a mini audio jack so users can plug in their iPods, MP3 players cell phone and other mobile devices.



The recliners are used here more appropriately till they could make some better ways of pretending the furniture in a different way.I am really impressed with this new variety and collection and expect much more such info from you.

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I really like recliners to give attention. This type of Hi-Tech recliners is comfortable for sitting and for sometime sleeping as well. In my home still we have couple of recliners for my dad and granddad. Thanks. Rustic furniture

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