Intel's Wireless HD Technology

Jan 08 2010

This is an interesting technology. I'm not immediately sure of what implications this can have on the HTPC community with all our HTPC's and Extender devices, but think if your SageTV Extender had this push technology within it, so you could choose when to view what...whether you want to use the built in UI or if you want to send something special from your laptop. Time will tell, but I think this is a winner as well.


AnandtechIt basically means that you can walk around with your notebook and put Hulu, YouTube, your desktop apps or games on your TV at the push of a button. Currently the wireless link doesn't support HDCP so it won't send Blu-ray video wirelessly, but everything else works. The first generation only supports a 720p output (your desktop res can be whatever, the software automatically compresses and scales the output on the fly). The next generation of the technology will support 1080p and eventually we'll have HDCP support as well.

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