Comcast DVR Web Scheduling Nears Launch?

Aug 26 2009

Now here's a frustrating situation--years ago, us Media Center folks enjoyed life with remote web DVR scheduling via Webguide or Remote Record well before any cable or satellite providers even thought about it. Fast forward to today and now several providers offer it, while Webguide has been absorbed by Microsoft and Remote Record has been killed off. FWIW I believe SageTV has a fantastic web DVR scheduling app, as does BeyondTV--damn you cablecard.


Zatz Not FunnyMultichannel received word this spring that Comcast intended to bring remote web DVR scheduling to customers in 2009. And if is any indication, they’re nearly ready to pull the trigger. Not only does this “MyDVR” service appear to support Comcast’s stock (Motorola) DVR hardware, a variant may also launch for Comcast-issued TiVo units.

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