Hands On: Next Generation Remote Control Extender

Jul 30 2009

There's a number of ways you can extend your remote control such as purchasing a Logitech Harmony which already includes an RF Extender. Considering you can buy the 890 with RF for around $100-150 these days, this option really just makes sense for people who already own a remote they love and just need to extend. For those, $55 is more than affordable...although man it's an eyesore so make sure you hide it!


Electronic HouseNext I turned my back to the A/V to point the remote in the opposite direction. Worked again—so far, so good. I moved into the dining room, where I ordinarily would not be able to turn things on and off. With the Remote Extender, however, I heard the click as I pressed the cable on, and heard and saw the TV respond when I pressed that on. So the device passed my home’s application test.

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