Samsung has a new Blu-ray HTIB with the HT-BD3252

Jul 21 2009

This home theater in a box offering from Samsung throws everything in there, except the kitchen sink. At $800 it's not the cheapest, but it's still way more affordable than buying components of each. It all depends your needs and your budgets, but this at least looks cool.


EngadgetSamsung's latest Blu-ray HTIB features just about anything an all-in-one customer could want; in fact we're not sure how you can even build a 5.1 system with rear wireless speakers and a Blu-ray player for $799. The HT-BD3252 of course supports the latest HD audio codecs like TrueHD and DTS-HD, and a mic for automatic calibration. Not wanting to leave anything out from its stand-alone players, Samsung has also included the same internet services like Pandora, Netflix and Blockbuster via the included WiFi dongle. Oh, and don't forget the very important iPod dock, we mean, who would buy a HTIB in this day and age without one?

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