Cello Electronics intros HDTV that records to SD cards

Jun 24 2009

OK, I know this is UK only, but this is a pretty ingenious idea. This TV maker is basically ignoring all the fancy UI and technology and just will record your shows onto an SD card, which then you can toss in anywhere. Of course, this is helped by the UK's fairly well populated free-to-air television content, but still pretty cool.

EngadgetOver in the UK, one Cello Electronics has issued the first HDTV that records OTA (Freeview) content directly to an SD card, giving users an easy option for shuffling recorded content to portable players. The set itself boasts twin TV tuners, a built-in EPG, split-screen functionality and an integrated DVD player; as for sizes, you'll find it in 22-, 26- and 32-inch flavors.

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