Best in Show: High Def DVDs

Feb 04 2008
I guess the submitter was shy and wanted to leave the comments up to me! With that said, I am drawing a blank! So, enjoy this article from Electronic House!

Electronic HouseAn explosion of high-definition discs from competing formats Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD is bringing the movie theater experience home - in “Full HD” 1080p resolution and with high-performance multichannel soundtrack formats like Dolby Digital Plus. And let’s remember that Blu-ray and HD DVD leave plenty of room for bonus features, even those enabling Internet access. Regardless of which format you have, there are some titles that stand apart from the rest and command attention. Here are the ones we will deem “Best in Show”.

Best Visual Presentation Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete First Season - Kirk and Spock get a makeover that brings out their best close-ups since the Enterprise first went to warp speed. You’ll spend hours watching these classic episodes, now that they’ve been restored with brilliant color and exacting detail, which isn’t limited to the ship and actors but replaces poorly done visuals of starships, phaser blasts and alien landscapes. Paramount Home Entertainment, HD DVD Combo, $194.

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