Is OpenCable Platform (OCAP) Delaying Media Centers?

Jul 23 2007

Where are all the media center computers with digital cable tuners? Digital cable tuners were supposed to have ushered in a new era for media center PCs, allowing HD cable television to be watched on your computer. Unfortunately, reality has been less than exciting. VelocityMicro PC is the only viable vendor for purchasing such a computer system. HP is no longer selling Digital Cable Tuners and Dell, although offering the XPS 410 for reviewing, has not delivered a commercial product.

FloppyHead BlogUntil digital cable tuners can handle CableCard 2.0, you are definitely living “on the edge” by purchasing a media center with DCTs. I think this is the main reason you have not seen more media centers with digital cable tuners from major OEMs like Dell and Gateway. Why would Dell want to go through the hassle of providing a product that might become obsolete? It seems like DCTs are a short term solution for media center fans.



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