What’s Wrong With Comcast? Nothing in Zatz' opinion

Jul 19 2007

I think jennyfur would definitely beg to differ, as would I, but Dave Zatz has a writeup about how good Comcast has been for him. Not only has he found them affordable & friendly, but also knowledgeable. I'd love to hear some of your guys stories with Comcast (or any other provider), and see how it matches up.

Zatz Not FunnyI gave Comcast a call this morning asking if they had any deals on the movie channels. Unfortunately they didn’t have any promotions running and it looked like the cable television portion of my bill would nearly double. However, the phone agent was very patient and went through a variety of TV packages and deals on my broadband until we found something agreeable. He asked if my CableCARDs were in a TV or a TiVo (!) and then put me on hold while he called in the changes. HBO HD and Showtime HD magically appeared (on both tuners). Then he wished me a good day, good week, and good weekend.

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