My Choice in the Format War – One Year Later

Apr 09 2007

HomeTheaterBlog joins in on the high definition DVD debate...well, he continues what he started a year ago, seeing how the landscape has changed and if his decision has been made. No surprise that it hasn't, but he does have some good facts about both that will help keep you in limbo as well.

Home Theater Blog It has however gone a long way toward entrenching Blu-ray but the PS3 hasn't exactly leveraged it's 1.75 million unit, installed-base advantage against HD DVD in any significant manner. There are roughly 2.5 million PS3's in the wild versus roughly 200k HD DVD players, yet Blu-ray only managed a 2:1 lead over HD DVD software last month (March) with April's numbers expected to show HD DVD regaining some of that ground. But, and here's the million dollar (ok more) question, what happens when the recent MSRP reductions, new window in-store disc promotions (what's good for the goose is good for the gander), and farther down the road the oft rumored $150-$200 Chinese HD DVD players, entice another couple hundred thousand fence-sitters to go ahead and jump in?

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