Dec 26 2006

I am in the market for a new mp3 player and while researching I came across this mp3 player review from XtremeComputing. It looks to be a winner in my opinion. The other player I am considering is the iRiver clix.

Read the Review: 


Once you have entered within your selected function here’s what you will be presented with and again MSI have done an outstanding job keeping everything simple and easy to read, the white text is really bright against the gray background the in what ever lighting you could make out the writing. The picture above is the P640 music feature layout to select how you are going to sort your files: Select all, Select Artist, but the highlight here with the P640 is the Playlist function that allows you to edit your own personal playlist through the player itself, where you would normally have to do this through your Media player and then save it to your device. You can add anything from Albums right down to Voice recordings by just holding down the Submenu button for 2 seconds which calls up the another submenu then clicking add to playlist.

MSI have designed the P640 to be play MP3, WMA and WMA DRM content, any other formats must be converted prior to transferring, it can also be set as a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) device which is a new protocol and accompanying set of drivers that helps synchronize the device with windows media player 10, if yours is below this it is advised to upgrade for optimal system performance but you can also set is as a MSD (Mass Storage Device) that recognizes it as a portable hard drive that you can transfer files using Windows Explorer.



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