Blu-ray disc drive prices to be halved by 2008?

Nov 20 2006

Sony is predicting that BR prices will drop by 50% by 2008. Currently the tight supply and low adoption rate is keeping prices up. AS we move along into 2007, the every positiver Sony is expecting manufacturing to pick up as other vendors pick up on Blu-ray technology. Another million or two PS3s certainly won't hurt anything. Expensive divided by 2 is still not as cheap as a DVD player :)

From the article:

By 2008, prices for Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives will drop 50% from current levels amid aggressive development by various related brands and makers, according to Shuji Minami, general manager, product business group of Sony NEC Optiarc. Minami also said the maker is not ruling out seeking new partners in Taiwan or placing more orders with existing Taiwan-based partners.


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