Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD HDTV

Nov 01 2006

Home Theater Mag has a quick review of Sony's next generation SXRD 1080p TV. Right of the bat you notice that this TV comes in a few hundred dollars cheaper then the previous gen and finally has proper 1080p support. I have to say, that will a little fiddling Sony TV's are typically my favorite picture. All the usual features, connections and widgets were onboard and accounted for. 

From the article: 

The black level is commendably low. I measured it at 0.008 foot-lamberts, which, as far as RPTVs go, is bested only by the last 60-inch SXRD RPTV we reviewed (which was also our Product of the Year last year). That TV was a little darker (0.007 ft-L at its darkest) and a little brighter (between 93 and 100 ft-L, depending on the mode, versus 63 and 83 ft-L here). Of course, that TV was $1,300 more expensive. Just for comparison, that 0.008 ft-L is better than every LCD, plasma, and many front projectors we've reviewed.

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