Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS Receiver

Oct 24 2006

Listing the connection options alone on the Elite VSX-82TXS would take up a half a page. Needless to say, a $1300 receiver has all the bells and whistles you would look for. HDMI switching (scaling too), 7 digital audio connections, on screen setup, iPod support, XM support, and a host of other options you will have to read the review to find out. However, there are a couple of flaws that may deter you from getting this particular unit. The first is the over complicated remote and the second is problems with the video scaling.

From the article:

For the majority of the people out there, setting up the Pioneer VSX-82TXS will be a breeze. The menus are intuitive, the defaults are all very good, and the MCACC can almost set up your speaker sizes and distances perfectly. With the multiple memory slots of the MCACC, you can have it calibrated in a number of different ways and find out what works best for you or you can just let it set your speaker size and distances and be done with it (don’t forget to check the sizes and the subwoofer distance). The short version of this story is that the general user can set up this receiver quickly and be perfectly happy with it. The high end user can set it up quickly and tweak it to their hearts content. Within the MCACC, almost every parameter is adjustable. When you are done with that, you can go through each and every DSP and tweak them as well. After that, you still have the iPod and XM functionalities to play with not to mention… and the list goes on. The balance the Pioneer VSX-82TXS strikes between ease of initial set-up and depth of configuration will please the audiophobic and the audiophile alike!

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