Don’t Buy That Sub!

Oct 16 2006

Digital Trends, formerly DesignTechnica, boldly goes where no HT enthusiast has gone before... Recommending against a sub!! Its not so much that Mark F. is recommending against a sub woofer for your HT, it's that he recommends to go without instead of buying a "one fart wonder". He sheds some light on the myth that a good subwoofer is an expensive one. You might get that feeling if you go to Best Buy or some other retail chains.

From the article:

A smart sub costs more but it’s worth it. One of the more affordable specimens is Infinity’s SW-12 ($899). Controls on the sub adjust the frequency, volume, and width of the notch. For best results get an optional kit that comes with a test-tone CD and a meter optimized for measuring bass. Measuring is crucial—rooms differ, and you need to quantify the problem before implementing the solution. I’ve reviewed Infinity’s equalized subs a couple of times and they always make my room sound better. Yes, sometimes even a critic has standing-wave problems in his own listening room.


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