Onix Rocket RS450 “Floorstanding” Loudspeakers

Oct 09 2006

Onix RS450At $899 a pair, the Onix RS450 Floorstanding Loudspeakers look to be pretty well received by the Audioholics crew. The goal here was to test a good set of floorstanders in a smaller room and see if you come out alive. Well it seems even in a smaller room, a quality set of larger speakers can still do the trick. Tell me something a billion college kids don't already know ;). The RS450 speaker set cleans up in the looks and sound department but they feel its a little tipsy (like my Aunt Marge).

From the article:

I hope you’re not tired of reading about this album because I’m going to write a lot more about it in future reviews. It just has so much going for it from a review standpoint. I don’t think I’d recommend it for casual listening, but for a reviewer, it is an invaluable tool. I first played Track 6, “Junior B.” Again female vocals dominate in this slow, methodical techno track. What is nice is the bass run that slips down near subsonics at a few points in the song. Here it was obvious that the RS450s’ really require a subwoofer for best reproduction of two-channel music. You could easily hear the difference between the rendition of this song with and without a sub – the bass run just ends way too early without. Other than that, I was completely impressed with the reproduction of this track.

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