Nov 17 2011

News - Miramax Makes Three for Netflix's UK and Ireland Launch

First came MGM, then Lionsgate UK, and now we have Miramax hopping on the Netflix train. Netflix has been lining up studios for Netflix's launch in the UK and Ireland, and Miramax is the most recent studio to sign on. Unlike MGM and Lionsgate, Miramax is not giving Netflix exclusive streaming rights to their new releases, but given Miramax's relationship with Netflix in the US, it is likely that Miramax will be generous with their catalog.


Miramax is the latest film studio to sign on to Netflix‘s streaming service in the UK and Ireland, with a planned launch early next year. Financial terms of the multi-year licensing agreement were not disclosed.


Jun 09 2011

News - Hulu and Miramax Reach Streaming Deal

While I personally am not a fan of internet streaming video, mostly because of low bit rate and lack of surround sound audio, I know many readers of Missing Remote are fans. The news of Miramax and Hulu striking a deal is great news for those fans. Adding additional content and having a wide array of access can only be a good thing.


Right on the heels of the announcement that Miramax and Netflix had agreed to a deal come the news that Hulu has also secured a content deal with Miramax. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new deal will bring hundreds of films to the streaming service, including films like Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and Gangs of New York. The catch is that on Hulu Plus members will have unrestricted access. Films will rotate through the free portion of the site.

No financial details were disclosed. The deal is a multi-year one that has already begun with Hulu advertising the deal on their website. Hulu will see a 15 movie rotation every month.

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