Mesh Network

Jan 03 2018

News - ASUS announces AiMesh mesh Wi-Fi solution



Mesh Wi-Fi is the “it” home networking product right now – for good reason. With the increase in streaming media content, and device proliferation a single wireless access point (AP) off wherever the cable comes into the house is not good enough. Mesh networking solves this problem in a more elegant way than the repeaters of yesterday. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that ASUS has entered the game. What is unique, and very interesting, is how – essentially turning any supported ASUS Wi-Fi router into a mesh AP. By leveraging the kit you already have, or can pick up cheaply off of eBay, ASUS has done the unthinkable (for most consumer networking OEMs); added value to old products, even to the point where you might not need to spend any money to get this feature. Well done!

Make sure to check out the details after the break.

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