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Oct 25 2011

News - United Kingdom and Ireland to Get Neflix Early 2012

Netflix seams to be in the news a lot lately, mostly for the bad news, however for our international readers, Netflix has announced it will be expanding its online streaming service to the UK and Ireland in early 2012. While the exact details on pricing, availability, movie selection, and device support, it is still great news for those looking to add additional content to their entertainment needs.

Netflix announced this morning that it’s ready to share the streaming love with consumers in the UK and Ireland starting in early 2012. Like the company’s other international launches, this expansion doesn’t appear to include the DVD-by-mail service, but for the moment, further details on Netflix’s first excursion across the pond are scarce. The company says pricing, content and supported devices will be announced closer to launch.


Oct 22 2011

News - Verizon's My FiOS App Puts Your Entire Living Room Under Your Thumb

My FiOSVerizon currently has more than a half-dozen apps in the Android Marketplace that allow Verizon FiOS subscribers to access the functionality of their service from a mobile device. While undoubtedly generous, it also sounds a bit unwieldy. The newly released My FiOS app brings the functionality that had been spread across several apps into one single app. 

A similarly integrated app is expected for iOS devices in the near future. Bringing account access, DVR control, and On Demand media management into a single app will undoubtedly be welcomed by Verizon FiOS subsciribers, but the functionality that most intrigued me was the home automation control. I wasn't even aware that this was a service offered by Verizon. Any FiOS subscribers taking advantage of the new app?

Instead of say launching an individual mobile program to change channels on our Verizon DVR and then launching another to manage recordings, those formerly distinct functions are now logically accessed and controlled via the single interface of MY FiOS.

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Oct 20 2011

News - Mela is to Bollywood as Netflix is to Hollywood

The surest sign that a new industry is here to stay is when new entries start popping up in the market to target the niches. CrunchyRoll has anime. Chow has cooking. Mela has found themselves a big niche to fill by targeting the market for Bollywood films with its new media streaming service. Think Netflix, but loaded with Southern Asian content instead of Southern California content. Mela is even taking a similar approach by rolling out its service with a single hardware device, though they are selling it themselves instead of through a partnership as Netflix did with Roku, with plans to spread across the app and device ecosystem.

Launching as a subscription service à la Netflix or Hulu Plus, Mela has more than 500 Bollywood movies available for on-demand viewing, as well as a total of 45 live TV channels. The service today is available for $149 with the purchase of a streaming box that will include a year’s subscription for on-demand movies, 20 live TV channels, and a choice between one of two regional live TV plans based on language. Otherwise, the subscription TV plans will go for $9.99 a month each, with access to the on-demand movie service set at $4.99 a month.


Oct 19 2011

News - Netflix App Now Available for Honeycomb Tablets

Netflix on Android

The Netflix app has been available on Android for a while now, but only on devices that supported Android 2.2 or 2.3. Now, just in time for the release of Android 4.0, the Netflix app is available on Android 3.x devices. The app will also be available in Canada and Latin America for the first time. Android 3.x, or Honeycomb, is geared toward tablets, which means the app should also have been optimized to take advantage of larger screens, but early indications are less than positive.

Netflix is releasing a new version of its Android app that will add support for Honeycomb tablets and expand availability beyond the U.S. With version 1.5 of the Netflix app, which is now available as a free download on the Android Market, Netflix expands the number of devices that its subscribers will be able to access its streaming video service on.


Oct 17 2011

News - H.265 Spec Draft Expected in February

H.265It seemed like everyone had finally settled down on H.264, in all its myriad flavors, as the video compression standard of choice, and now comes word that work on H.265 is starting to come together. Admittedly, its not much a surprise. Standards bodies need something to keep themselves busy and processor manufacturers are sure to appreciate a new application to push computing needs. With more than a dozen versions of H.264 approved over the last ten years, it has been a remarkably flexible set of standards. H.265 will be designed from the beginning to support resolutions ranging from the smartphone-friendly QVGA (320x240) all the way up to the recently approved Ultra High-Definition Television resolution of 7680x4320.

 According to Multichannel News, an initial draft of the new spec should be ready in February, with a completed standard due in January 2013.

The H.265 codec is expected to decrease the bandwidth needed to deliver video by 25% to 50%. The bandwidth savings come at a cost of increased processing complexity, but the benefits, particularly for mobile operators, make the cost worthwhile.

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Oct 15 2011

News - MeFeedia Apps Reveal Videos Without Revealing Users


MeFeedia has dropped an iPad app, rounding out their selection of iOS and Android apps. MeFeedia is a media sharing service that aggregates and shares media links submitted through user links and RSS feeds. Although search plays a prominent role in the MeFeedia website, it is not a part of the MeFeedia apps.

MeFeedia Apps

Of course, there are plenty of apps out there for checking out new videos — but most of them are centered on surfacing videos that your friends have liked or shared from social networks. MeFeedia hopes to introduce viewers to new videos not by connecting them with things others have shared, but by learning what they like and trying to guess which videos they might enjoy. As a result, most videos first displayed are in the “popular” category and recommendations improve as you tell it what you like (or don’t like).


There is something refreshingly quaint about the idea of a media service building a recommendation engine without trying to tie into established social graphs. Presumably, MeFeedia is taking an algorithmic approach, the development of which can field intellectual property that can be licensed to other media services.

Oct 15 2011

News - DVBLink Plays Nice with iOS and MediaPortal

It's been a busy month for the folks at DVBLogic. Earlier this month they announced the release of their DVBLink v4 products which included ATSC support, the DVBLink Connect! Server for streaming live TV to mobile devices and DLNA devices, and a new API for building 3rd party DVBLink clients.

 DVBLink Logo

Now DVBLogic has announced the release of an iOS client for DVBLink v4.

DVBLogic’sDVBLink iOS clientis available in Apple’sAppStore. The app works with DVBLink Connect Server! and is compatible with iPhone, iPad andiPodTouch.

With the app you can watch live TV, browse the EPG, manage recordings and view program details.



At the same time, the community of DVBLink users have been getting busy in the DVBLogic forums, working out how to configure MediaPortal as a client for DVBLink.

Over on DVBLogic’s forums there is a guide on how to use MediaPortal with DVBLink, if you have MediaPortal and want to get access to DVBLink features you will need to follow their detailed guide.



Oct 14 2011

News - Hulu Takes Down "For Sale" Sign, Google Still Circling

Hulu has been up for sale for months, but evidently the right suitor did not come calling to catch the eye of Hulu's investors. Amazon and DISH Network were rumored to be among the top bidders with bids in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars, though Google was rumored to be floating a $4 billion dollar bid with a list of stipulations intended to guarantee extended access to certain content and release windows.


Hulu's investors issued a joint statement that Hulu was no longer for sale. Hulu has been touting its recent successes growing its business and been adding content partners and shows. It is quite likely that Hulu's investors are seeing an opportunity to build that offers more long-term returns than simply cashing out.

With the market to pay to stream movies and TV shows cooling, media companies may have decided they could no longer cash out their stakes in Hulu and continue to sell content for top dollar to buyers like Netflix and Amazon. It may have seemed more profitable for Hulu to try to add subscribers and sell more advertising over the long haul.

USA Today

All that being said, Google is reportedly still in the mix.

The source close to the process says that, despite the press release, what Hulu's parents have actually decided to do is no longer consider a sale of Hulu, the subscription service, and 2-years of rights.

Now they plan to fully consider Google's offer – or at least figure out some way to give Hulu management and Providence Equity Partners liquidity.


Oct 14 2011

News - Apple and Google Rumored to Be Pushing Into New Digital Media Markets

Apple vs. Google

Apple and Google have become the dueling titans of the technology sector and both companies are counting on their digital media services and marketplaces to push the adoption of their different OS and cloud platforms. Recent rumors have both companies closing in on establishing new digital media services.

In the case of Apple, the focus is on streaming movies. Apple is reportedly negotiating with movie studios to enable iCloud to serve as a digital media locker for movies purchased on iTunes, similar to the recently launched UltraViolet.

However, according to "people familiar with the matter" it could allow Ultraviolet access on iThings via app, while also bringing its usual media lock-in magic by also throwing in streaming copies of any flicks purchased on iTunes, but only on its own hardware. 


Google, on the other hand, is working the music angle and negotiating with music labels to open an MP3 store that would tie into Google Music as a digital media locker. Of course, these are properly pretty tricky negotiations given how Google launched Google Music Beta while thumbing its nose at labels.

According to sources within the industry, the platform, not surprisingly, would be directly linked to Google Music Beta and may launch within the next few weeks -- perhaps even before Apple unveils iTunes Match, at the end of this month. It remains to be seen, however, whether Big G will be able to finalize negotiations with record labels and publishers before launching the initiative in earnest -- a potentially major hurdle, considering Google's recent track record. 


Oct 14 2011

News - Spotify App Now Available on Boxee

The developers of Boxee have now teamed up with the folks over at Spotify and join forces and add the Spotify service to the Boxee platform. Now those Boxee users who are paying for the premium ($9.99/month) service are now able to access their unlimited streaming account from the comfort of their couch.

I recently joined the Spotify bandwagon and haven't looked back. I access it via my Android phone, my Logitech Squeezebox, and through my HTPC via the dedicated Spotify app. All in all it is a great service and it is awesome to see it expanding to other services as fast as it is.

Boxee Box owners who are also paying Spotify users, rejoice, for the two have been combined into one sweet music streaming app.

Boxee users with a Spotify Premium subscribers ($9.99 per month) can now enjoy on-demand access to Spotify’s millions of available tracks directly on their TV.

Just last week, Spotify announced a deal with Western Digital to make its way onto television screens in the United States, and the partnership with Boxee is a sign that the company is further intensifying its efforts to make TV its third screen.

And boy has this Boxee deal been a long time coming.


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