Oct 19 2012

News - LOVEFiLM Users to Have Option to Sign In with Amazon Account Details

When Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD earlier this month, the company also announced its first release of the Kindle Fire line in the UK. Given the popularity of the Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM streaming service, it should be no surprise that many Kindle Fire tablets will probably be used to tap into the LOVEFiLM library of content. Evidently LOVEFiLM and Amazon have decided that the release of the Kindle Fire provides an opportunity to start tying their two different account types together. Starting today, LOVEFiLM subscribers will be presented with the option to sign into the service using either their LOVEFiLM account details or their Amazon account details. The option is only intended for Kindle Fire users at this time, though LOVEFiLM is indicating that everyone will eventually be able to use their Amazon account details. 

Amazon and LOVEFiLM Link Accounts

Why are you making this change to sign in?

In order to make streaming movies and TV on a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD you need to be signed in to LOVEFiLM on the device using your Amazon e-mail address and password. Once this has happened, you should use your Amazon details to sign in to LOVEFiLM on the web and all other devices.


Sep 03 2012

News - HBO Prepping HBO Nordic Streaming Service for October Release


It has been over two years since HBO unveiled HBO Go, a streaming service that makes all of their content available online for free to subscribers of their premium channels. HBO Go has been immensely popular and the company has frequently fielded questions about the possiblity of HBO Go becoming a standalone product. The company has been steadfast in their stance that HBO Go is only intended to be a complementary product, an additional service for their traditional subscribers, and with good reason. A standalone HBO Go would be unlikely to return the margins that they enjoy on their traditional subscription TV contracts, anger their cable and satellite partners, and cannablize their current subscriber base.

However, if you really wanted the standalone equivalent of HBO Go, you could do worse than to make the move to Sweden next month. HBO announced that they were planning on making a move into Scandanavia ealier this month, the same day that Netflix announced that they would be expanding their service into the same region to take on the incumbent Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM, but at the time, HBO was not providing many details about what the freshly dubbed HBO Nordic would look like beyond that it would be multi-platform. This week, HBO announced that HBO Nordic should launch in October and in addition to a 24-hour premium channel offered through local distributors, HBO Nordic's streaming service would be a standalone offering. To further sweeten the pot, HBO Nordic will also stream content from HBO rivals Starz and Showtime  as the companies lack international businesses. While getting HBO, Netflix, and LOVEFiLM all in the same region with the same basic business model should serve to create some amusing fireworks, it is still somewhat disappointing that the only reason Scandanavia is going to get so many choices is because HBO has so little entrenched business interest to protect in the region.

Premium TV channel HBO will launch a Web-only service in Nordic countries that does not require the customer to be signed up with a pay TV service such as cable or satellite.

HBO Nordic, which is a joint venture between Time Warner Inc -owned HBO and Parsifal International, will roll out both a premium TV service and the Web service in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland from mid-October.


Jan 06 2012

News - LOVEFiLM Stikes Deals with BBC Worldwide and ITV

LOVEFiLMNetflix recently announced it had made a deal to offer BBC Worldwide's content when Netflix launches in the UK and Ireland. It was, however, a non-exclusive deal as LOVEFiLM has demonstrated by jumping in and cutting a deal of their own. Amazon announced today that their LOVEFiLM service has secured a deal similar to Netflix's for access to the BBC's television archives. 

The subscription video on-demand (SVOD) deal includes some of the greatest British programming of all time. TV titles will include the nation’s much loved Doctor Who, the critically acclaimed Life On Mars, spy drama Spooks, highly-acclaimed mini-series Whitechapel, as well as some of the public and critics’ favourite documentaries including the breath-taking Planet Earth.


Amazon and LOVEFiLM upped the ante by also announcing that they have extended their deal with ITV, the BBC's largest commercial competitor. There have been rumors that Netflix is negotiating with ITV and there is no indication that LOVEFiLM's content deal with ITV has been made exclusive, so don't be too surprised if Netflix ends up with a tit-for-tat response.

The subscription video on-demand (SVOD) agreement will give LOVEFiLM members access to ITV’s vast archive of shows, including a selection of recent popular content such as Marchlands and Above Suspicion, as well as classic crime series Prime Suspect and Inspector Morse and much loved British dramas such as Cold Feet and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.


Dec 22 2011

News - LOVEFiLM Signs Sony to Exclusive Content Agreement

Do you remember that scene in Matrix Revolutions where Neo and Agent Smith have their final showdown in the rain and they end up flying at each other, colliding with such force that it generates a shockwave that displaces the rain for miles around? This is the image that has begun to come to mind every time I think about Netflix and LOVEFiLM facing off in the UK.

Both companies have been signing companies to content deals in the run-up to Netflix's UK launch, but Netflix in particular has been working on signing movie studios to exclusive licensing deals. Now, Amazon and LOVEFiLM are striking back by signing Sony to a similar exclusive licensing deal. The deal gives LOVEFiLM exclusive streaming access to both new and catalog movie titles, as well Sony television series.

 LOVEFiLM, an Amazon company, and Sony Pictures Television have signed a major multi-year content deal giving LOVEFiLM members exclusive streaming access to new and forthcoming Sony Pictures titles during the second subscription pay TV window, as well as catalog titles and TV series, from June 2012.

Amazon Blog

Nov 18 2011

News - LOVEFiLM Signs Deal With Warner Bros.

Like Napoleonic-era generals, Netflix and LOVEFiLM are marshalling their forces and establishing their positions on the field. Over the last couple of weeks, Netflix has been kicking up the most dust preparing for their entry into the UK and Ireland next year, but now LOVEFiLM is responding by bringing Warner Bros. in on their side of the battlefield. LOVEFiLM's deal with Warner Bros. doesn't seem to focus as much on securing exclusive streaming rights like the deals that Netflix has been signing with studios, but instead seems to be geared toward leveraging the extended services and market outlets that LOVEFiLM and Warner Bros. possess in the region.

Today, the Amazon-owned streaming and rental service announced a new, multi-year partnership with the Brothers Warner, promising to deliver "wider choice and more access" to content across multiple platforms. Under the deal, users will be able to access a range of Warner Bros.' recent and forthcoming titles on their iPad, PlayStation 3, and, as of later this year, their Xbox 360, among other devices.


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