Feb 23 2012

Review - nMEDIAPC HTPCKB-100 Wireless Home Theater PC Keyboard With IR

nMEDIAPC HTPCKB-100As more content becomes available via search, it is increasingly important to use a real keyboard to interact with devices in the home theater. Unfortunately, with most keyboards lacking the capability to control infrared (IR) components, they can only supplement a traditional remote (or series of remotes) which reduces the value of when applied to the problem they are intended to solve – convenience. However, this issue has not gone unnoticed by everyone, with nMEDIAPC providing a compact home theater PC (HTPC)/media streamer keyboard that also provides the ability to control one device via IR. With a street price of around $60, the HTPCKB-100 has potential -- let’s find out if it can deliver.

Sep 14 2011

Review - IOGEAR GKM571R 2.4 GHz Multimedia Mini Keyboard

IOGEAR GKM571R 2.4 GHz Multimedia Mini KeyboardThe IOGEAR GKM571R is a palm-sized mini wireless 2.4 GHz wireless LED backlit keyboard with built-in laser trackball, mouse buttons and built-in scroll wheel.  It uses RF technology with an advertised range of 33 feet.  IOGEAR refers to the GKM57IR as “the ideal solution for the home entertainment living room and computer enthusiast looking to compliment their PC to TV solution.”  We needed to find out for ourselves, is it the ideal solution? My first impression certainty seemed so.

Jul 26 2011

Review - Genius LuxeMate T810 Media Center Wireless Keyboard

We have reviewed a number of wireless keyboards over the years, from the tiniest Logitech Dinovo Mini to the oblong shaped IOGear GKM581R. Every wireless keyboard has its pros and cons based on what exactly you are looking for and how often you will use it. Genius is a relative newcomer to this world and are coming in with a full featured, no compromises LuxeMate T810 Media Center keyboard. Offering virtually complete keyboard support with an included touch mouse the T810 is aiming to be your full time HTPC keyboard of choice, but is it too much for what you need?

Genius Luxemate T810

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications according to the Genius website.

Jul 18 2011

Review - IOGEAR GKM581R Wireless HTPC Keyboard

Often a good wireless keyboard/mouse all-in-one separates a good home theater PC (HTPC) experience from frustration.  Unsung when functioning properly and abused otherwise, it is critical to select a device with good range and a feature set that matches the expected use--which if it includes anything more than casual typing a larger keyboard is the way to go.  With up to 33’ of wireless range in a mid-size form factor the IOGEAR GKM581R promises to deliver on each of these requirements.

Jul 07 2010

Review - Vidabox Wireless RF Keyboard


Vidabox Wireless RF Keyboard

Your wireless keyboard is the connection between you and your Home Theater PC. From extensive system configuration, to daily web browsing and media playback, to quick trouble shooting when your remote craps out your choice of keyboard can dramatically impact your user experience. Vidabox has updated their wireless keyboard offering so just click through to take a more detailed look at the Vidabox Premium Wireless RF Keyboard.


May 10 2010

Review - EFO Wireless Keyboard Comparison

Review: EFO Wireless Keyboard Comparison


Recently we looked at the EFO RF Wireless Handheld Keyboard which worked pretty well overall.  Today we are going to compare that with the new Bluetooth version, the EFO Bluetooth Wireless Handheld Keyboard.  How well will bluetooth compare to RF?  What else has been changed with this keyboard?  Is it worth the additional cost?  Read on to find out.

May 09 2010

Review - IOGEAR GKM561R Wireless Keyboard



IOGEAR GKM561R Wireless Keyboard

Finding the right wireless keyboard and mouse for your HTPC can be a huge chore.   For me the ideal solution has to have a wireless range greater than 10’, good battery life and combines a compact keyboard with a pointing device in the same chassis.   The IOGEAR GKM561R has the looks and specs to get it in the door; let’s take a closer look to find out if it has the capability to make it a keeper.
Jan 30 2010

Review - EFO RF Wireless Handheld Keyboard

Review: EFO RF Wireless Handheld Keyboard


Everyone comes to a point sooner or later where having a remote control in front of you just doesn't meet all of your needs.  For those times it is handy to have a keyboard nearby.  But who wants to lug out a big keyboard that tethers you to the HTPC?  It's much more convenient to use something wireless and easy to hide.  Let's have a look at an offering from EFO to see if it fits your needs.

Apr 06 2009

Review - Logitech diNovo Mini



Logitech diNovo Mini

Over the years, many have tried with little success to introduce a wireless keyboard into the living room home theater environment. Logitech has a number of wireless keyboards, but the diNovo Mini is the first introduced which brings about a small form factor along with a convenient array of hot media buttons to integrate seamlessly into any entertainment center without being a sore spot for the eyes. In a field that has failed many times before, Logitech bravely takes on the experience in a way never tried before.

Feb 13 2007

Review - nMedia MCESKB RF Keyboard



nMedia MCESKB RF Keyboard

A HTPC is unique in many ways from a typical desktop PC and the keyboard requirements are no exception to this rule.  Read on to see how well this keyboard/trackball performs in this environment.



nMedia has been in business since 2004 creating cases and accessories for the HTPC enthusiast.  Their philosophy and vision is to "transform the total home theater experience by intelligently converging digital entertainment AV functions, computer and networking technologies".  Obviously, their vision of convergence centers around the concept of a home media center.  This system is designed from the start to be fully controllable via a dedicated remote, but there are times that a keyboard and mouse are more appropriate.  In light of that, today we will take a closer look at nMedia's wireless keyboard/trackball solution.

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