Ivy Bridge

Nov 09 2012

News - Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) Previewed at Anandtech

Intel NUC

When I first saw reports of Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC) it seemed like the perfect little HTPC, although the price (~$400) was a bit off-putting. As it turns out, not only will it be getting Intel HD 4000 (madVR, yum) and an ULV IVB but will only cost $300-320. More importantly it will be easy to get one with retail availability at Amazon and Newegg. Hit Anandtech for the full specs and some pictures of the delicious looking mini-HTPC.

Sep 04 2012

News - PSA - Intel Ivy Bridge (IVB) Core i3 CPUs Shipping

Intel Core i3-3220

It's been a while since we last talked about IVB, and for good reason as none of the more interesting HTPC chips were available at launch (or trickled out of OEM status later on). That has chanced, at least in part with HD 2500 Core i3's available from Newegg and Amazon right now. If you're holding out for the HD 4000 parts (e.g. Core i3-3225), those don't seem to have made it out on the same schedule though with it absent from most sites or listed "out-of-stock". Although, if you don't mind paying a bit more for shipping it looks like TigerDirect has them.

Jun 01 2012

News - Intel HD2500 GPU Tested at AnandTech

We haven't had a chance to take a HTPC-centric look at IVB's HD 2500 so more traditional gaming-style reviews will have to do - stepping into that space AT takes a look at the GPU. Unfortunately, there's no look at its capability with respect to madVR, but since they found that

The 2500's performance is tangibly worse than last year's HD 3000 offering (which makes sense given the 6 EU configuration) and it's not good enough to be considered playable in any of the games we tested.


since HD 3000 was just barely enough for the advanced video renderer, it doesn't look promising. Good thing that the next round of IVB (including a sweet looking 65W i5 with HD 4000) are coming in the next week or so.

"Perfect" is of course relative, so I'm not prepared to write off HD 2500 for those not interested in madVR, we'll just have to wait and see how it performs when we get the chance to really probe its prowess in the HTPC.

Mar 07 2012

News - Not All H67 Motherboards Will Support Ivy Bridge

Intel H67 IVB Upgrade

A few weeks ago Intel released a BIOS update for their H67 Media Series motherboards that provided support for next generation 22nm CPUs, better known as Ivy Bridge. Shortly their after the file was pulled because of issues with bricked boards. Well today an updated BIOS dropped offering this, and a few other features. As I was working my way through the release notes I was surprised to find this page; which documents, in a somewhat unclear way, that some boards won't be making the cut. Disappointing given the information previously available; have to wonder if other OEMs will be publishing their own decision trees in the next couple months...

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