Jan 08 2016

News - Emby for iOS updated to 1.05

Glad to see this one, well the wife will be Smile.

Version 1.05 is in process of publishing to the app store.

This version includes a fix for Live TV playback getting stuck on the first frame and then not recovering. Big thanks to everyone in the beta group who helped tested this issue.


Nov 13 2015

News - Emby For iOS Released

Android and Windows Phone users have long enjoyed the wonders of Emby Media Server, and now iOS users can join the fun.

Mar 25 2013

News - Plex for iOS v3.1 Now Available

Plex Mobile Media Server

The Plex team has released a fairly major update to Plex for iOS, bringing the iOS version's featureset up to par with the Android version. The two biggest features are the enhanced filtering that was first introduced with Plex/Web and the mobile media server. With the mobile media server, a device can be used as a Plex server for sharing media with Plex clients, creating a Plex server that one can take on the road. There are also the usual assortment of bug fixes to accompany the other new features which include variable scrubbing speed sliders for all media and the addition of the experimental universal transcoder. 

Ever since the all new Plex for Android was released, iOS users have been wondering when they’d be able to enjoy some of the new features on their devices, and we’re incredibly happy to say that day has finally come.

Plex Blog

Jan 09 2012

News - Dijit for iPad

Dijit for iPadDijit's universal remote control app is now a universal iOS app. Dijit started dropping hints about the new iPad-friendly interface for their app about a month ago and it is now available. As expected, the updated app takes advantage of the extra screen real estate to make more information visible at one time, including TV listings, social recommendations, and on-screen remote control. It's probably still not enough to make up for the limitations of the battery-powered Griffin Beacon that Dijit's universal remote control functionality is tied to, but it is a step in the right direction for iPad fans.

Viewers will be able access their local TV listings, get recommendations from their Facebook friends, and gather more information about the cast and crew of the shows they’re watching. The app includes Wikipedia and YouTube integration to highlight additional content online.


Jan 04 2012

News - Running iOS Apps on Apple TV Demonstrated

When FireCore recently updated their Seas0nPass tool to support untethered jailbreaking, we noted that there was some indication in the community that work to allow the Apple TV to run iPad and iPhone apps was progressing. Evidently that was understating the situation as there is now a full-fledged hack to allow iOS apps to run on the Apple TV. Steve Toughton-Smith and Nick "The Mudkip" have put together a system that allows the Apple TV to load an iPad emulator and a custom home screen. Adding support for the Apple TV remote takes some extra work on the part of the app developer and the hack's creators are warning not to try uploading modified apps to the App Store, so we are not going to see widespread support coming soon, but hopefully Steve and Nick will get their wish and we are getting a peek at what official Apple support for Apple TV apps might look like.

Apple TV Launcher

The wily hacker hopes that his hack might nudge Apple towards building a bonafide app store for the TV box. "Remember how the unofficial iPhone apps back in '07 forced Apple's hand in creating an App Store?" he tweeted. On iPhone, jailbreakers got access to downloadable games and apps like Lights Off months before Apple opened its own iOS App Store. "I'd like Apple TV to get the same treatment."

Ars Technica

Dec 22 2011

News - WD TV Live Streamers Updated with New Services and iOS Remote Control App

Western Digital has pushed out a new update for the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub, adding a number of new services and providing support for the newly released WD TV Remote App. The new remote control app is currently only available for iOS devices, but there is an Android version  in the works. The app provides gestural controls, direct access to the WD TV Live's services, and  a QWERTY keyboard for text input.


As to the new services, the update brings six new services to the streamers:

  • Watch Mojo
  • Comedy Time
  • SEC Digital Network
  • XOS College Sports
  • SnagFilms
  • VUDU

WD TV customers now have access to VUDU's large HD library of movies and TV titles instantly on their home entertainment systems. WD supports the HDX™ video format that features 1080p Full HD video and rich Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 audio, allowing users to enjoy a cinema-like experience at home with the hottest new releases available on-demand without any subscription fees or late fees. 

Wetern Digital

Dec 16 2011

News - Revamped Netflix for iOS Brings Updated UI

A month or so ago, as Barnes & Noble and Amazon were getting ready to launch their new tablets, Netflix managed to work its way into the spotlight with a new UI for for its Android apps. It was definitely a nice improvement with a much cleaner UI and larger artwork that made using the app easier on tired old eyes like mine. It was also somewhat surprising as it seems like iOS usually gets all of the early love for new and revamped apps, but not his time as the iOS version of the new Netflix app is only now available. The Netflix 2.0 app is also optimized to better suit the iPad and adds support for streaming in Latin America. Unfortunately, the app does not support AirPlay. This is not too surprising, but it would have been a fantastic addition.

Netflix 2.0 for iOS

 It’s a huge improvement over the original if only because you don’t have to squint to see a movie’s image anymore — they’ve blown up the images and folded most of the text and ratings info into a movie or show’s individual entry.


Dec 16 2011

News - iOS Remote Control App for Roku Now Available

Roku released Update 4.2 for the Roku family of streamers just a couple of days which, among other things, reportedly prepped the systems for incoming iOS and Android remote control apps. Well, the iOS app is now available for free from the App Store. The app allows for full control of the streamer with swipe and touch gestures and allows for adding, removing, and even launching channels directly. The best part is that it evidently is not limited just to the newest Roku boxes. The app reportedly works on all Roku devices and can even support multiple devices on the same network, though no word if it will work with third-party branded Roku devices such as the ones that Netgear was selling for a while. Hopefully future extensions of the app will allow for direct control of the channels as it would provide an excellent way of accessing music related channels without turning on the television.

Directly on the heels of an update for its newest media streamers, Roku has released its official iPhone remote app. Apparently "inspired by user feedback", it allows users to launch or rate channels, control the box with touches and swipes, and add or remove channels from their box directly from the app itself. 


Dec 03 2011

News - Plex Media Center, Plex Media Server, and Plex for iOS Updated

It's been about a month since the Plex team went on an update binge and they have decided that they are ready to return to the table for another round of updates. These updates are decidedly more low-key than last month's smorgasbord, but there are a lot of bug fixes on the table and even a few new features.

Plex Media Server has been updated to version

 Since it has moved to shipping separately, the Plex Media Server is now a much better standalone application, with support for autoupdate and starting at login.

Plex Blog

Meanwhile, Plex Media Center has been updated to version 9.5.2 and comes with even more new features, including at least one feature that the Plex team obviously expects to be quite popular.

That’s right, our good friend Ryan took a break from saving people’s lives to add refresh rate switching. On TVs that support it, this means perfect 24p playback with nary a shudder, judder, or stutter. I have an old Sony TV set and it works great, taking under a second to switch rates.

Plex Blog

Plex for iOS has also been updated, coming to version 2.1 with full support for the myPlex features launched during last month's flurry of releases.

Oct 12 2011

News - Apple Releases iOS 5, iCloud, Apple TV 4.4 Among Flurry of Software Updates

Everyone got excited last week when Apple hosted an unusually intimate press conference to announce the iPhone 4S, but today is when the fireworks really started to fly. Apple released a metric software ton of updates today to a variety of different products. The two updates that will generate the most interest are the release of iOS 5 and iCloud. iOS 5 will be more immediately important for Apple product users with the list of features and enhancements helping the iPhone keep pace with the steady march of progress being set by Android. Personally, I am particularly excited about the new Reminders app and the off-line synching and updating as I generally cannot abide the iTunes software. Looking forward, iCloud may be remembered as one of the most important Apple products ever as it looks likely to be the most recognizable example of what cloud computing "means" for many people. Whether the perception created by iCloud serves to expand the horizons of what is possible with cloud computing or limit its scope in the public imagination remains to be seen.

Apple TV2 Photostream

For many Missing Remote readers, the 4.4 update to Apple TV will be today's most exciting release. The addition of AirPlay mirroring allows you to stream content you are viewing on your iOS device simultaneously to your Apple TV2. There are two new streaming apps from the NHL and the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal app gives access the Journal's collection of news videos. The NHL Game Center Live app provides access to the NHL's subscription game streaming service. The 4.4 update also gives the Apple TV its first taste of iCloud integration with access to Photo Stream, Apples new iCloud service that collects pictures taken on iOS devices and makes them available on other linked devices for browsing or to be viewed as a slide show.

iOS 5 and iCloud are both out now, but that's only the beginning of all the ground Apple just covered. The deluge is more about extending Apple's platform as a whole, not just with a specific app or upgrade, and updates and new features abounded.


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