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Jun 28 2017

News - JVC DLA-X970R D-ILA projector reviewed @ HTR

1080p projectors accepting 4K inputs and doing some fancy downscaling are becoming more common. Here we have a reasonably pricey ($10K) JVC reviewed at Home Theater Review. Frankly, I'm a bit confused though. If it were me, there are a few native 4K projectors within stretch (or saving) distance...

May 17 2016

News - TIL: What a first-order crossover is

We should all be pretty familar with what a crossover is, and what it does in an audio system, but in all my previous reading I've either glossed over or never seen a "first-order" crossover mentioned. So this article, which explains the pro/cons nicely in defense of Thiel's decision to pull them from their latest speaker makes for a very interesting (and reasonable short) read on the topic.

Apr 20 2016

News - HTR Review DISH Hopper 3

DISH network is one of the few MSOs that pushes the evelope when it comes to home DVR capability. So I always make a point to check out their CES announcements. The devices aren't reviewed that often so it's nice to see a reputable 3rd party take a look.

Mar 08 2016

News - 2nd Gen Amazon FireTV reviewed @ HTR

I was tempted by the new 4K FireTV, but seems a bit too focused on Amazon's services to find a place in my stack. That said, the price is right ($99) and Amazon is making great strides in the content space... Maybe next year Smile.

Feb 24 2016

News - LG 65EF9500 4K OLED TV reviewed @ HTR

LG 65EF9500 4K OLED TV reviewed @ HTR

Unless you get a killer deal, or just absolutely cannot wait a few months, now's probably the wrong time to buy a high-end 2015 4K display. Much better to wait until the 2016s are well established, and pick up one of those or swoop in and pick up one of these from the bargin bin (if you can). That said, there is A LOT to like about the 2015 LG OLEDs, so the review is quite enlightening (great picture & color accuracy, not great VPP) and worth a read.

Feb 18 2016

News - Visual Apex Pro Grey 5D screen reviewed @ HTR

Ambient light is your enemy. Well, when it comes to projectors anyway. If you can't have total light control then a grey, high-gain, screen might be just the thing makes that 100" movie cave a reality Smile. Reading through the review of the Visual Apex 5D, it looks like it does a decent job with that and at $566 is quite reasonably priced.

Feb 15 2016

News - HTR guide to reselling A/V kit

I would love to upgrade my A/V kit more often, but it's difficult to know what it's worth or where to start, and the thought of ending up with a bunch of surplus, depreciating equipment has put me off. Ran across the HTR guide today, and I'm curious if anyone has used these services (besides Ebay Smile). If so, let use know in the comments.

Dec 16 2015

News - Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker Reviewed @ HTR

When I started building my first real audio system, many (many) years ago, funds were well short of what I would have liked, so hunting for a good value proposition was essential. I ended up with a great (for the $) set of Pioneer mains that I absolutely loved, but it took a lot of time and a lot of listening to find them. So I completely agree with the HTR reviewer's praise for Polk Audio expanding the good sounding/great value segment with the $258/pair T50.

Dec 04 2015

News - Another Roku 4 review that doesn't mention fan noise

I'm beginning to wonder if Roku is cherry picking review units, or if the vocal folk out on the Interwebs complaining about fan noise are in a small (but obviously loud) minority. It is always curious when the actual experience doesn’t mirror (at least roughly) what is available from the media.

I do recommend checking out the review, I learned three things that I wasn't aware of before:

  • Roku 4 doesn't support 24p out
  • Nvidia SHIELD does
  • Roku 4 does not support HDMI 2.0a, so HDR is a no-go

There are surely other tidbits of technical goodness hidden within.

Nov 26 2015

News - HTR Reviews Artison RCC Nano 1 Subwoofer

Speakers work by moving air. For a subwoofer to be any good, it needs to move a lot of air, right? With this in mind, I was pretty skeptical about how well a 7.5x8x9" sub could do anything more than tickle. But like a lot of things, how well something works depends significantly on how you plan to use it, so it looks like this cute little guy does a decent job (properly caveated).

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