Tips and Tweaks - Pricematch Your Blu-rays or DVDs at Fry's Electronics

Apr 28 2011

Here's a quick tip some of you might actually know. While we love the support financially when you use our Amazon and Newegg ads (see right column), we all have those times when there's a movie or game title that you simply cannot wait to receive. Or maybe you only want one movie so don't want to pay Amazon for shipping. Did you know there's a healthy amount of online vendors which your local Fry's Electronics stores will price match?

An anonymous user sent me this image from a Fry's associate showing the full list (below) of authorized vendors, and it's long!

Fry's Pricematch


Looks about right.  The Fry's near me has nearly all of those stores (aside from the online-only etailers) within a 3 mile radius...most within a few blocks (Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, GA is a busy place).

This is a great tip. Who knew Pep Boys and Lowes sold BDsSurprised? Or does Fry's PM more than just BDs?

swoon wrote:

This is a great tip. Who knew Pep Boys and Lowes sold BDsSurprised? Or does Fry's PM more than just BDs?

So the paper itself just says "Game Competitors," and my source could only confirm that they will match Movie media as well as games. Of course Fry's sells LOTS of other products, so maybe this is for all their products? Worth a shot at least Smile

One store Fry's won't price match: Fry's Smile

I went there with an ad from another Fry's which had a router priced $100 less than the store I was at and, after consulting with 3 managers, they told me they wouldn't match it.

Don't get me wrong, i'm still a big Fry's fan, but this one had me scratching my head.

They won't match their online price either.  The manager at the Fry's near me considers their online site competition...

Yeah, Fry's is such a strange retail outlet. I have a love/hate relationship with them. On the one hand, I love that I can go buy stuff like capacitors, o-scopes, computer parts, etc. locally, but on the other hand, their retail policies and practices are out of the stone age.

So is their decor, lol.

Buddy of mine recently went to Fry's to buy a cable (can't remember what kind).  It was $9 on Fry's online, in-store it was $15.  Tries to get them to price match it, they say no.  So he had to order it on his phone through their website for in-store pickup to get it for the lower price.  Some policies are just to annoy people into paying the higher price.

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