Giant Revolt 2 + SKS Chromoplastic Longboard 50 Fenders

Integrated fender (mudguard) mounts played a massive role in the selection of the Giant Revolt 2 as my all-purpose/gravel bike. Because of its tire clearance I opted for a set of fenders that will work with anything road-or-gravel sized. These SKS Chromoplastic Longboard 50 are perfect for the job, just require a bit of modification to get them mounted.

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Silver over black – I like the bold choice.


This is entirely an aside. I’ve been on the quest to keep my feet try while cycling in the wet. Waterproof socks have worked well when the road or the trail is wet. But when there is a heavy rain, the water runs down my leg and pools in the sock – which is annoying. I recently found that Velotoze makes a waterproof cuff that seals the sock to your leg to keep the water out. I have yet to try them while riding (being winter), but trying them on, looks like it might work. I may need to take a shower with them on – another reason my wife will think I am crazy.