Windows 7 Media Center gets Mediaroom support

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Windows 7 Media Center gets Mediaroom support

During the Microsoft keynote, Ballmer mentioned that customers of IPTV providers like AT&T U-Verse will be able to watch TV on Windows 7 PCs, but he glazed over the how. The how is Windows 7 Media Center -- according to the press release that is available after the jump -- and there's no special hardware like a tuner required. The when wasn't mentioned because it is dependent on the provider, but when they do upgrade to Mediaroom 2.0, Media Center fans will have access to all the same content as a set-top like HD and on-demand, which is something pretty cool.

There is a huge press release at the bottom of the article. Now if only Uverse would come to my neighborhood. And will they charge per MAC address or would all the machines feed off a main UVerse box.

And I would expect that if a phone can run MediaRoom 2.0 then TV will come with it installed as well. My bet is we will see something about that before CES is done.

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