What happened to Media Center Studio?

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What happened to Media Center Studio?

Anyone know what happened to the Media Center Studio site?

adventmediacenter.com seems to be down and has been for at least two or three days.
I'm building my very first htpc and had read this was good software for modifying the menus, and applying different skins, etc.
If the company is gone, doesn't anyone have advice on what else I can use to tweak the menus?

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Check out our very own Mikinho's Valve software

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That's a good question.  I wanted to try a new theme and couldn't get to the site.

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Thanks.  I'll give it a shot.

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look on this website   http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1366982

look at the post simalary  as below

 Originally Posted by assassin View Post

 Media Center Studio is an excellent application that allows you to completely customize the look of your WMC interface including adding and removing buttons and options.

 This is just one example of a before and after picture from my blog of what MCS can do to the appearance (edit: apparently must be a blog member to see the pictures):



The developer for MCS has abandoned the software but thanks to Josh3693, JoshFink and myself we have figured out a way to revitalize this valuable piece of software.

First you will need this file located at my blog (www.assassinhtpcblog.com)

Zipped Directory

Also if you want a txt file of these instructions I have made them available here.

Next, unzip the file

Make sure you have "show hidden folders" enabled under the folders option in your Start -> Control Panel menu.

Now move the unzipped directory to C:\users\*your_user_name*\Appdata\local\Apps\2.0\mcst..tion_ e7ba95bf63da1a4e_0000.0000_8295f17bcae6f0ac where "mcst..tion_e7ba95bf63da1a4e_0000.0000_8295f17bcae6f0ac" is the name of the directory that you just unzipped and pasted into that folder.

Finally run the executable : Media Center Studio.exe file.

I have a complete guide on how to use MCS over at my blog as well as 18 themes with instructions on how to use the themes.


Welcome back Media Center Studio!!!

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That's great!  Thanks for the info and link.

I did use the one Mike Garcen pointed out, and it worked fine.  But being able to do more UI changes will be nice.

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