Wasteland 2 RPG Kickstarter

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Wasteland 2 RPG Kickstarter

This has absolutely nothing to do with HTPC's, except that many people play games on them.  Smile  Anyway, building on the recent success of Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign, inXile founder and CEO Brian Fargo is launching his own campaign.

If you grew up playing video games in the 80's, you may remember an award winning game called Wasteland, which was made by a then-unknown studio by the name of Interplay.  Wasteland was the very first game I ever finished on my C64 and I still have extremely fond memories of the 8-bit graphics, awesome story, and incredible gameplay.  Anyhow, with Brian at the helm, Interplay went on to create such well-known titles as The Bard's Tale, Descent, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout.  I think most people know what happened to Interplay after he left.

Well, 24 years after Wasteland came out, Brian Fargo is looking to make a sequel, but no publishers want to get onboard for such an RPG.  So, he and inXile are reaching out to the fans of his work to help fund the project via Kickstarter.  The amazing thing is that he managed to get the entire, original crew back together for this and even brought on Mark Morgan, who was the composer for the impressive music of Fallout.  The funding will probably begin either over the weekend or on Monday.  The proposed Kickstarter rewards are listed in this thread and they're looking for people's input on what the game should be like, as well.  They have already listened to feedback and made changes to the rewards, as well as to some aspects of the game, based on what they've heard over the course of just a few days.

The website is here and the forums are here.

I know I'm going to be handing over some of my money to these guys because I believe in them and want them to succeed, especially without the backing of some huge publishing company.  The prospect of another great RPG being made is just too tempting to pass up.  The PC gaming industry has been sorely lacking any good RPGs for quite some time now and I'm really excited about this.

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