VMC-unwatched recording deleted

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VMC-unwatched recording deleted

I encountered a problem with VMC last night. A show I recorded the night before was deleted. The VMC UI history shows a message of the form:

{name} was deleted from the computer on {date/time} by another user or application.

It was deleted seconds before VMC started recording another program.
I hadn't watched the recording.
The recording was the most recent recording.
There was plenty of disk space.
Running Vista 64 HP SP1.

This has happened just once (fingers crossed).

I searched support at Microsoft and did some web searches to see if there was any info about this behavior. Nothing at MS. One person posted on another forum for MCE 2005 and described precisely the same issue. Alas, no resolution, although was suggested increasing the allocated disk space, or reinstalling the OS.

Has anyone here experienced this? Any ideas on what to check?

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Was it a series recording? If so what were your settings?

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No, it was a one-timer.

[Edit]: But the setting on it was keep until space needed.

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