TiVO Series 3 linking to Series 2?

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TiVO Series 3 linking to Series 2?

So... heres a quick question.  can StdDef content recorded on a Series 3 be played back on a Series 2 box, what about vice-versa?  I currently have a S2, and am thinking of adding another box.  Anyone have first-hand impressions to share?


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I wouldn't count on it, the word is that any sharing went the way of the dodo to please CableLabs and their security paranoia of CableCARDs out in a store bought device. Or did you mean a hacked up S3 and S2?

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Can't be done, at least not yet anyway.  The series 3 Tivos record video as transport streams, which is different from the format used by the S2 boxes.  Even if Tivo does get MRV up and running it will most likely work only between S3 models.  Rumor has it that there's a beta in the works to include partial MRV and some other features.

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