So I am moving into my new Home office where my media server will sit

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So I am moving into my new Home office where my media server will sit

I ran 6 CAT6 lines and 6 RG6 lines and also 1 3/4in smurf tube to where my future wiring closet will be. Would you suggest anything else.

The office will have my media server in there and the video out will run thru the wall to my TV in the living room which is on the other side of the wall. Hopefully there aren't any signal issues. There will be three separate cables used for a total length of about 12 feet. I'll also be sending USB thru the wall for the IR receiver.

I had to run so much RG6 so I could support the 6 TV tuners and 1 FM tuner. I figured each line being dedicated to 1 8 way splitter was better than several 2 way splitters at the end. Plus I can move the ends from either the cable source to the UHF antenna source easily in the box.

I just need to buy a labeler now. And one of those tone thingys so I can label existing runs.

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What about speaker wire? Any possible plans for at least 2-zone AV? Many AVRs can do 2-zone and you might want to set up a second set of speakers in a kitchen, patio, study, master bedroom, or basement.

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That is a good point. I probably won't spend the time to run speaker wire to each destination but maybe run my ent to the bottom plate of each location I might run a speaker.

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I would do more than 6 CAT5e or CAT6...

you will be using internet for at a min 1 but probably 1 for each room in the house...

then if you want to use HDMI, Component, IR, RS-232 or anything else over CAT6 you might run out quickly.... if they are in coduit it should be easy to pull more later....

Why do IR via USB through the wall???? use an RF remote..

univeral remote company have a bunch, the logitech 900

and 890 both do RF

from my experience RF is the way to go!

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