SageMC: Bringing Sexy Back?

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SageMC: Bringing Sexy Back?

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I feel bad trashing the standard STV as its maintained by Opus4 and he's a good guy/mod, but it just keeps getting worse while SageMC keeps getting better.  At this point I almost think they should just make a default STV theme for SageMC using SageMC's insanly robust dynamic menu implimentation (once again, not available in the default STV) and be done with it.

Edit: Upon further review, this post is pointless bitching.  I take it back until I have some specific complaints.

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It's definitely looking better and better.

I am going to have to play with this late at night and get things just right before I introduce it to the wife. She has gotten used to the default STV and is somwhat resistant to change unless there is a big enough wow factor. This new release might just do it though, after a certain amount of tweaking.

I really want to get it implemented so I can use your updated plugin. Especially after the last bugs are ironed out of the DVD burning part.


increased WAF=

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I'm pretty excited about this.  Been using SageMC almost since I started using Sage, after switching from BeyondTV.  Been holding off of upgrading to the latest 6.3.x version of Sage until SageMC caught up...

I'll be installing and tweaking after the kids go to bed... Smile

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i agree with evilpenguin, the SageMC & other STV's are FAR superior to the default skin. I think i've even brought that up with those guys before, at the very least to include them as part of the setup package so people don't have to scour & install them themselves, i think that part takes away from the ease-of-use factor

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Well this finally got me to upgrade to Sage 6.3 too. Pretty good release, the online services are interesting and  it handles the music library much, much better, that to me was the biggest improvement. The SageMC release integrated without a hitch.

I may be one the few that like the default UI, I use both, MC on my main HTPC and the default on my client. I think MC is definitely more remote friendly though. I guess it would be nice if they included a few alternate STV's in the setup, but really downloading it and installing one isn't that difficult and a few of the features provided by MC probably couldn't included in an official Sage release anyway.

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Looks usual. I'm still a fan of the default STV though, but that's get a choice Smile


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Well, I'm building a replacement HTPC, and I think I might just change it over to MC during the upgrade. 

While hte default STV has gotten much better from the early days, it's still lacking in the WAF/WOW department.  from the screen shots it looks like MC is headed in the right direction.

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Great to see SageMC is constantly being updated. If it weren't for the hard work of these guys, SageTV would've never been my HTPC front-end of choice.

evilpenguin wrote:

I feel bad trashing the standard STV as its maintained by Opus4 and he's a good guy/mod,

Sorry for slightly off topic, but do you happen to know excactly what Opus4s role at Sage is ?
Is he an employee there, or what ?

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