Review: S1Digital P500 Media Center

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Review: S1Digital P500 Media Center

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Its is $6,000!!!! That is just crazy insane.  You probably could build that machine for $500. For sake of argument, let's say you can build it with tuners for $1,000.  That is a $5,000 mark-up.  Wow.  That better not arrive in a box.  Someone should actually have to drive it across country in a limousine.

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For the cost of that I'd go with a WHS server, a high end A\V head unit and a cheap HTPC with a 5xxx card from ATI that can pass all the audio via one HDMI cable.
But these units aren't for the PC enthusiasts they are for the rich Beverly Hills types who don't know the difference between a composite and a component cable. They probably pay an installer another grand to hook this pc up.
There must be a market because S1 Digital is still around and haven't had to drop prices. Just like the Kaleidescope systems.

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