Pondering move to MCE Vista.

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Pondering move to MCE Vista.

Currently I am running a Windows XP Pro box using MediaPortal as a front end and BeyondTV 4 for recording duties. However, I recently installed Vista Home Premium on my regular use PC and I am hooked on the look and feel of MCE. I have several questions though...
1. I still wish to run BTV to record TV, therefore, can I setup MCE without setting up the TV portion and can I get MCE to play my BTV .TP files?
2. How easy or hard is it to get MCE to play different formats such as MKV, HDMOV, MP4, FLAC, etc...?
3. What is the consensus right now on the best DVD decoder for Vista? For some reason PureVideo doesn't look as good on my Vista PC as it does on my XP HTPC.
4. Currently I use FFDSHOW to upmix all audio going through MediaPortal into 5.1 and sending it out as AC3 to my receiver through the SPDIF - and everything sounds friggin awesome. Is this possible in MCE?

Sorry to throw so many questions out there at once. Just looking for suggestions. When I start this, I want to get it done as quickly as possible. My wife would kill me if we missed an episode of Heroes;)

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