No DRM for PS3 PlayTV

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No DRM for PS3 PlayTV

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I don't get the big deal.  PlayTV is a DVB-T recorder, right?  This is the equivalent to ATSC in the US.  How many devices can record DVB-T without content protection?  Dozens?  Hundreds?  Has Media Center not been doing the same for four years or so?

Do I have this thing wrong or do I not understand the big deal about unprotected OTA broadcasts.

If PlayTV has a downfall (other than being only DVB-T) it's that you can't currently play games while it records.  I think for that, I'd rather buy a $60 USB stick with DVB-T tuner and plug it into me PC.

BTW, if I have all this wrong about DVB-T and some non-US members can chip in please do.


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