My Note to Toshiba.

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My Note to Toshiba.

Warner is right about needing one choice soon.

In my opinion the hd dvd converts who deny that your hd dvd will fail shows there is confusion about who will win.
These people are smart consumers.
How much more regular people much be confused.
Even Microsoft is confused.
If Microsoft thought your hd dvd would win they would have included the hd dvd player in the service pack 1, like they said they would earlier.

The odds of your hd dvd winning must be calculated on how many hd dvd disks are sold.

In the calculation must be how many new movies will become hd dvd and sold so you get peer review respect so blu ray will not look like the only option.
Because if you lose the current base you have nothing, and it looks to me like alot lost trust in hd dvd. Reading various posts.

So if this calculation is not profitable, so you will win back the base of supporters who have run to blu ray.
And gain more supporters.
Just fold so blu ray has a chance.
Remember Highlander where Duncan gives his strength to his friend?

I wish you wouldn't be stubborn.

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HD-DVD is superior in every respect except disc size, which has been shown to be a non issue for everyone except storage.  I don't see how HD-DVD is even close to being dead, especially since Warner will continue to release HD-DVD through May to all those people who bought the cheap HD-DVD players.

HD-DVD advantages:
Flip Disc
Cheaper players
More complete spec
cheaper manufacturing facilities
Generally better special features

BluRay advantages
Disc size

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