HTPC Swap Meet: Lots of good stuff for sale or trade (before it goes on Ebay)

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HTPC Swap Meet: Lots of good stuff for sale or trade (before it goes on Ebay)

My HTPC projects and trials have left me with more than a few new or or nearly new leftovers.  Before I put anything up on flea-Bay, I'd like to offer it up to my missingremote (and htpcnews) people.  Some items have been featured in build/mod logs on, such as my MCE-301, mce-601 cases and ricavision internal IR.  Drop me a line if anything sparks your interest.

What I want:
I'd like cash or better yet, trade for the following:

2x1gb Supertalent ddr400, pc3200
AMD X2 4800  down to a x2 4200. [socket 939]

What I have for trade:

New in Box (used once or twice)
Logitech Harmony 680 MCE universal remote
Ricavision internal MCE IR Kit
Venus T-4 usb external drive enclosure.  Up to 4 ATA drives.  Nice.

New-condition or better (upgraded)
Ahanix MCE-301 (silver) w/acoustipak SFF dampening + nexus 80mm fan
Silverstone lc04 (black) with acoustic dampening (my quietest HTPC yet) + nexus 80mm fan
Netgear WG111v2 54 mbps wireless usb 2.0 adapter (in box with accessories)
Haupauge pvr-150 mce low profile (oem)

Nice condition with mods
Ahanix MCE-601 with modded backplate for standard ATX PSU. (one of a kind)
D-Link DI-784 Wireless 108 AG Router.  Xbox live certified (in box with accessories).  I added a 60mm fan internally.

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PM me details (prices) on the modded 601, internal IR kit and LC04. Smile

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i've been around classified forums a long time, so i shall put my input on ways to make this safe & effective:

1. Include references: ie, Heatware or Ebay references
2. If you're going to have FS on your title, please list a Price. This prevents deception & a bidding war

Other than that, you got some nice toys.

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Agree. A couple of points though.
The price was left out because I am more interested in trade. 
My ebay cred is good, same user name as here.  Plus most of the people here are people I know from HTPCNEWS.

Safety first. Good looking out.  Wink

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