HTPC monitors incoming calls from iphone

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HTPC monitors incoming calls from iphone

My apologies if this is in the wrong section. 

I've finally built a great hFX Classic rig connected to my 52"HDTV and Onkyo 838 Receiver.  The HTPC is networked to a 10TB server upstairs and it all runs Windows 7 and J. River MediaCenter at the moment.  I just joined this great forum to get caught up on the best/current options for making my HTPC more enjoyable. 


For my first task, I'm wondering if it's possible to have my HTPC connect to my Iphone (via Bluetooth) when I walk in the door (get home from work) and monitor my calls. 


I don't have a house phone and my HTPC is always on, either playing music, videos, or TV.  It seems pretty simple, but I don't see anyone doing this out there.  Hopefully, I've overlooked something in my searches.





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I don't believe it exists but it would be a very useful tool.

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I've been trying to get bluetooth caller ID for many years now (pretty much the entire time I've been an HTPC enthusiast). Various developers have given me complicated reasons why it can't be done on Windows, which I can't understand since Macs have been able to do it forever. There are plenty of solutions for PC through a modem though.

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There's a few things like this for Android but, they'll pass on any texts or phone call notifications to your desktop. None for iOS though.

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