How To Share Folder in Windows 7

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How To Share Folder in Windows 7

Trying to get my system finalized and all my PCs on my network straight.  I have a "RecordedTV" folder on my secondary drive, "D:", on my HTPC that I am trying to share.  I went to my son's PC and tried to add the RecordedTV folder of my HTPC to his media library, but it says that he doesn't have permission (or something to that effect).  Before re-doing my HTPC I had this same folder shared, and I don't remember having to do anything special to get the other computers to see it.  I'm not running a HomeGroup because I have a mixture of operating systems throughout the house.  I have tried to make it as simple as possible by enabling file sharing, turning off password protection, etc.  Would it work better if I shared the whole D drive as opposed to just a folder inside it?

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There are people far more capable on here that will give you the answer you seek.  For now I will tell you that I had the same problem you are having.  Success sharing folders was hit or miss.  All the while not sure of what I was doing.  Even if it did work I wondered if I was making my machine less secure. 

That all changed when I purchase Network Magic by Cisco (Pure Networks).  As one of the feature it offer one button click to share folders or drives.  Cool thing is it also gives you a graphical representation of your network. 

They offer a 30-day trial.  If all else fails download, run the trial, share your folders and uninstall.  The folder sharing stays.  I normally would not buy a utility like this but it was that useful. 

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Does your son have an account on the HTPC?  Does it use the same password?  (I do recognize that you said you tried to turn off password protection.)

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Can the folder be seen by any other PCs? Can you see the folder on the PC sharing the folder when you look at it from Windows Explorer under the Network pane?

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