Help me find a use for my 3 new 1TB drives!

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Help me find a use for my 3 new 1TB drives!

So, my friend has connections at Seagate, and in exchange for helping her move she gave me 3 1TB 7200.11 harddrives.  Cool huh.  So, I really don't know what to do with all this space. 

My current setup:
Server running XP and SageTV
Athlon 64 3500+
2X 200GB recording drives - getting old
1X 320GB recording drive
1X 160GB OS drive - 20GB OS, 120GB recording

Client 1:
Athlon 3200+ XP with SageTV Client
1X 320GB drive with 20GB OS and 300GB extra network storage 60% full

I also have 1X 750GB drive that was planned to replace the 2X 200GB drives but was never implemented due to time constraints, and downtime constraints.  If I missed an episode of the Bachelor I'd be dead.  It sits in the client right now as an extra drive without much on it at all.

Client 2:
Athlon 3200+ XP with SageTV Client - wireless with 240mps SRX connection
1X 60GB notebook drive

Work Computer:
Athlon X2 3800+ XP
1X 75GB Raptor

Gaming Computer:
Athlon X2 4800+
1X 75GB Raptor

Girlfriend's Computer:
P IV 1.5ghz
1X 40GB Seagate

So, my plan is this:
1X 1TB recording drive
1X 750GB with 20GB OS, 730GB as the recording drive
2X 320GB Raid 1 for important documents like pictures and music that really only takes up 20GB or so

This fills up my Server with drives.  I could get a new case or put some in the 5.25" drive bays, but these will be uncooled.  I would get a P180 if I got a new case.

Client 1:
1X 160GB drive with 20GB OS and 140GB for whatever - probably empty space but who cares.

Now, I still have 2X 1TB drives and I have enough recording space for TV.  I also have enough Raid 1 space for my important files.  Before I got the 1TB drives, this was going to be my plan (except I was planning on another 750GB drive instead of the 1TB one in the server) If I get too much recording space, then browsing through the list gets excessive.  What should I do with these other drives?  Any ideas?

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Well isnt that obvious???

No seriously you could place your favorite movies and series in raid as well.
Better safe then right?

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Start backing up your HD-DVD and BDR discs. Call me next time she needs to move.

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I would concur, that much space is screaming for a movie library.

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I already have a movie library on DVD that suits me just fine.  A huge benefit of DVD is that it is portable.

I just realized that my 320GB drives are mixed, meaning I have one IDE and one SATA.  I don't think my motherboard can do raid on a mixed drive array.  Hmm.

The reason she game me so many drives is that I gave her lots of my old stuff, like a DVD player, some furniture, etc.  It worked out pretty well.  If you are ever in Palo Alto CA though, she is a hot, single, storage nerd.  I remember back in high school I taught her how to hack into the professors computer and steal the C++ homework from some super nerd who had already turned it in.  She got caught because she never even changed the program she turned in.  All she did was put her name on top.  Now she makes lots more $$$ than me programming Java!  Who would have known!

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Sell them cheap to us in the forums.....

Can she get us really good prices on more drives????

HTPC: SageTV HD-300

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I don't usually sell my stuff.  I always find something useful for it.  As for getting good prices, I don't want to stretch my relationship by getting random people good deals on harddrives.

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I would toss them into an external array of some sort. ESATA, USB, whatever. I actually have a couple of friends that love their Drobos like crazy. (although not true RAID they are pretty cool)

My 750GB Seagate media got locked into some weird read/write frenzy when I was gone a couple days ago. When I got home the sucker was screeching and so hot I couldn't touch it. It was one fried drive. Thankfully I was able to recover all of my media from my last server drive using Handy Recovery. 

So my wife has therefore allowed me to live, and allowed me to by an external array. I was thinking something like a Ready NAS, but I will probably by a Drobo instead. They aren't cheap but seem quite usable. I'm still boycotting WHS so this will enable me to keep large amounts of stuff and stream it through the Vista MC. 

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Put 2 drives in the P180 case with WHS, I used 4x500 drives for mine, works like a charm.

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