Guide: How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Vista

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Hi, just found this link: which has files to SP1, and SP2 as well. I'm using SP2 x64, and it's working as well as version that I found on this forum for SP1.

Good news is who else upload it, made a batch file which does all the hard work for you - you may choose beetwen Ultimate or Business, but, obliviously, you must run it as administrator...

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Thanks a lot Zetto33, I just ran the batch for Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP2 and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the link.

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thanks Zetto!!! I love community helping each other out!!!!!!

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I completed the steps in the article succesfully and I now can login with two different users at the same time.

However, my final goal is to login with the same user twice at the same time. I know this is possible because on another computer my colleague succeeded in doing this. However, we are not sure what we did to make it possible so we can't repeat the steps.

Just the steps in the article are not enough to allow the same user to login twice at the same time (there is also a not that says this in the article).

Anyone here who knows what additional things to do?

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hey guys, looks like after some fenagiling the terminal service is listening on vista x86/sp2 but I STILL can't connect to my vista home premium desktop via my xp pro tablet PC.

vista has the firewall open on 3389 and the router is open on 3389 to the vista machine's IP just in case, XP reports an error stating:

The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer.

The most likely causes for this error are:
1) remote connections might not be enabled at the remote computer
2) The maximum number of connections was exceeded at the remote computer.
3) a network herror occured while establishing the connection.

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Hi all,

i can access vista home from my xp client but i have the following issues:

no sound

and can't copy files between the 2. (even not when enabling my local drives to be visible on the remote computer, setting in local ressources)

any help?

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tried the files mentioned in post 152(using vista SP2 HP 86x) didnt have much time to test it though so i cant say if im having issues yet.

would be nice if the link for home premium were fixed on the how to guide page

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