The Daily Button: October 8th, 2008

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The Daily Button: October 8th, 2008

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Can't say that I didn't see this coming...  But, at least I managed to get the order I placed.

(In case anyone was wondering, I was talking about the demise of Ricavision.)  Wink

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@iPhone Apps - I just loaded up the free VNC app and its working great.  I've already used it to fix issues on my server via VNC over the 3G network.  Between that and SageTVwebserver I can remote admin with just my iPhone now Smile

@ Storage Bay - Are you kidding me?  You have to wire the SATA/Power cables manually rather than just pushing in the drives?  No thanks Tongue

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The NES app is awesome, at least, thats what my friends tell me.  I have no clue, since it was removed from the app store before I got my Ipod touch.  This is the second list of great iphone apps I've seen today that includes apps removed from the app store.  The other list had Tris as #1.  Those lists would be much more useful if it listed apps I can still download.

But some other apps that might interest readers of this forum
Air Sharing - allows you to use your iphone as a portable storage device
Remote - allows you to control Itunes on your computer from your iphone, also allows you to access Itunes content on your computer through your iphone
There are a couple mythtv remote apps.

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