Configuring WMC 7 machine for HDD performance

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Configuring WMC 7 machine for HDD performance

So last night my box started stuttering when it had 3 HD recordings going and I was trying to move some files off the recorded TV drive. It appears this is kind of common, perhaps worse so with green drives. Once I cancelled the copy things were smooth most f the time. Every once in a while I would get a pause and then hear audio for a few seconds before the video caught up. So right now I am clearing off the drive so I can reformat it with 64k blocks., this seemed to be the most common answer I found on the Sage forums. I was wondering what else I should do. Disable indexing? What streaming options can I turn off that won't affect the 360 extender. I think I might be able to block all streaming if the box acts as a remote desktop and does not truly stream the data.

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