Ceton PCI intermittent problem: NO TV SIGNAL

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Ceton PCI intermittent problem: NO TV SIGNAL


So I have the Ceton PCI card and all is well and good.  But every few days, I get the pop-up box saying:

There was no TV signal on channel 44 so "{show name}" could not be recorded.  Reschedule the recording after verifying the TV signal is working for that channel.

However, when I go to Recorded TV, that very show is indeed recording.  Any ideas what's causing this pop-up to occur even though there's no real issue?

Any info appreciated.



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I have an Infinitv usb tuner and have seen the same thing a couple of times.

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I'm getting that too, i have the usb version.  I don't know what to do.

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i have had this issue as well, i am on comcast and I have 2 OTA HD channels (ABC and NBC) no longer works so i am using the SD channels.  I have not had time to trouble shoot it.


I have updated the firmware with 0 fix.


I am wondering if something was changed on the cable side?


what provider are you guys using?

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Hi Jon,

Do you have tuning adapters?  You can see this error with tuning adapters (generally Cisco's)  take too long to tune request a channel.  If so, what happens is:

1- Media Center attempts to record on Tuner X.

2- The tuning adapter takes too long to respond

3- Media Center does not see a signal on Tuner X soon enough so it reports failure

4- Media Center attempts to record on Tuner Y

5- The channel was already allocated in step #2 so the tune request responds quickly

6- Everything records properly but has the failed message from Tuner X

Note: Lots of steps left out (i.e. oversimplified)

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I see the same thing occur on occasion, but the program always seems to record with no problem.  I don't have tuning adapters and it happens on my Hauppauge 2250's as well as my Cetons.  I'm thinking that if WMC can't get a lock on a channel using one tuner it rotates between available tuners until the channel comes in.  It's not unusual to get several failure messages in a row for a given program. 

I think that WMC just has too tight of a window between the time it looks for a channel and the time it declares a fault.  Perhaps there's a registry hack to extend the time window before the fault is declared.  Either that or maybe the selected tuner can be checked X number of times for a signal lock before the fault is declared.

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I see this with my Ceton4 too.  Same thing -- warnings, sometimes several in a row, but ultimately the program records just fine.

A reg hack to adjust the timeout would be nice, but I'm not aware of one.

Or... Ceton could just make things tune a little quicker!   Come to think of it, I don't recall this problem happening with the earlier Ceton firmware -- I think it was an update drivers/firmware (this spring) that started causing it.

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