Case With The Ultimate WAF???

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Case With The Ultimate WAF???

Well OK, maybe not the ultimate case for the WAF but who am I to question anyone’s living/entertainment room theme or concept.  In any case (pardon the pun) In-Win has come up with an interesting concept in PC enclosures, a design aimed squarely at the ladies. 

I showed Mrs. Lowtech some pics of this case and asked her what she thought of this case as a replacement for the old LC03 in the living room?  You know those times you have with a spouse that requires no words from either one of you, yet both of you know what the other is thinking?  That moment was an example of one of those times. 

As it is, this case may not necessarily fit the bill as the centerpiece of your home entertainment rack but I can see a following for it.  Among those would be folks who have that special little 12-year-old (going on 20) daughter or spouse/significant other who might find this look appealing for their home office or bedroom.

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I am not sure where the "flowery" design concepts are coming from but they seem to be hitting the primetime in a big way. A couple of examples would be and the design on the XPS boxes from Dell.

I actually don't mind them. After years of a beige box, anything is better.

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as i was beginning to think how hideous that was, i was quickly corrected by my gf of...and i quote, "that is so cute! how can you NOT like that"

ahhh....i wonder why these forums are full of males, jennyfur aside Tongue

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My wife didn't like it. She said it looked like some sort of a feminine napkin container.

My 9 year old daughter likes it though.

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Meh... I don't really have a problem with the flowers... it's more a problem with it being white. I'm just not a fan of this whole new trend of white gadgets. I blame Apple.

However, I absolutely drooled over that XPS case Alan just mentioned (which has a black flower design). And even the Zune artwork for that matter.

The only color I'd have more of an issue with than white is pink. Making a gadget pink does not suddenly make it female friendly.

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Ugh.  No thanks.  Reminds me of a vase or something and vases make me think "formal".  We don't do formal in our house.  We do welcoming and friendly.  :)  And really, flowers by my tv?  That's not very man-ish.  Electronics are supposed to be manly.  (I hope I'm not offending anyone.  I'm really not a sexist person.)

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