Cablevision could air 500 HD channels by year-end

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Cablevision could air 500 HD channels by year-end

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They are pulling your leg.  What we think of as a "channel" and what they are terming it are two vastly different things.    They are terming EACH PPV sport show a separate "channel"  So any of the pay NFL or NBA etc offered in High Def will be deemed a "channel"  It is not a channel like ABC or TNT that offers free programming etc.  So every one of those PPV things you intentionally scroll through since no one is interested will be your NEW Channel they can speak of.   

Its sort of like all the hyped "mobil TV on Cell phone" that no one will ever use or want.  Dont know who pulled this scam on the Cell industry, but it is to funny.  Getting them to think I would want to watch TV on a screen the size of a matchbook was priceless.  What a great scam job guys.  Anything that can screw over the Cell phone dweebs is a good thing. 

Although , I think possibly the best scam ever pulled was getting the RIAA et al to sue Napster and put them out of business.  When actually Napster is looking like the only thing that could have helped them in the digital age and kept them afloat.   

Apple and the digital delivery of non-DRM music guys are going to whip the recording industry like a rented mule.

What can we dream up next that will send them down another rat hole....heh.

So , they are BS'ing us as usual. 

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