Anyone Switching to Windows 8?

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Anyone Switching to Windows 8?

So is anyone switching to Windows 8 for their HTPC?  I haven't been keeping up with things much lately, and I know there's some issues with Windows starting into Media Center for one.  Has there been any announcements or fixes for Media Center?  I do know that when I tried the beta, I noticed that Netflix no longer crashes if a movie is left playing all the way until the end.  I would almost be willing to go to Windows 8 for that alone.  But not if I can't even start up into Media Center.  What about the Dolby issue?  Do you have to install decoders like back in the XP days?

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It's a bummer that Media Center is an upgrade you have to pay for but at least if you jump now it will be free.  Offer ends in January.

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My HTPC is stable so unless there is an advantage in going to Win 8 for the HTPC I will be staying with Win 7.

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until i hear any compelling reason to, my HTPC is staying Win7 for the forseeable future. Just don't see the point of risking my super stable system for.....what? 

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I tried Win 8 for a couple weeks and could not handle the frustration any longer. The WAF was 0 also and that helped push the reinstallation of Win 7. As the others have said. Unless you are missing something then why go through the expense and headache.

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I bought a copy from Staples when they had the $40 sale price last week and I also got a key for the Media Center download.  I've installed Win 8 as an upgrade on a secondary PC that had Win 7 on it, but I probably won't be installing Media Center on that particular PC.  At $40 it's not going to break the bank just to check it out.  It's going to take some time getting used to the new interface, but it definitely looks interesting. 

Considering the lack of support for Media Center and lack of Win 8 drivers, I see no compelling reason to "upgrade" my HTPC with this software.  Since MS has done nothing to update Media Center it makes absolutely no sense to change the OS just to see the exact same Media Center software, but with fewer drivers available and missing other features we enjoyed with Win 7.  There are more cons than pros to use it for this purpose, IMHO.  Things may change as Win 8 matures, but for now I'm sticking with Win 7 for HTPC use.  Win 8 is clearly aimed at the tablet market and not so much for desktop or HTPC users.

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